Olinda’s house

Olinda's home

One of the many touching stories for me is the story of Olinda. Olinda lives in a small village in Mozambique. She is the mother of 5 children and a Christian. When we have church in her village she always leads the worship. Before we made our trip to Africa, her home burned down. Her husband had already left her so she was without resources. The local disciples, (young men being mentored by Scott) worked with us to build her a new home. As we were building her home she offered us tea and homemade peanut butter (she ground or pounded it herself). She was happy and busy doing her daily chores, knowing that God was taking care of her home. My heart was so touched to be a part of this knowing that I represent many in the states that are unable to go.   I will post soon about more that is going on in Mozambique to help the homeless.  Serving together…….


June 2011 – Inhambane – Serving the King

A little love from Katy, Texas

So I sit here at Camp Tejas volunteering with the youth from the Fellowship at Cinco Ranch and review all that God has done and is doing in Mozambique and the part we all play in furthering His Kingdom and hope.

While I was in Inhamabane:

– We helped build a new hut for OLinda (a Christian mother of 5) whose home burned down.

– We painted a girls dorm and a boys dorm room at a local orphanage.

– Acted out stories from Jesus life to local churches (held under trees)

– Showed the Jesus Film to a new village

– Gave out hygiene items to children in the hospital and prayed for them

– Much of this we did with only the local disciples as Scott was ill with malaria.  (Demonstrating the benefit of Scott mentoring the local disciples to continue to spread the Good News).

– Purchased some bracelets and jewelry from “The Echo Project” to bring to the state and sell in Kosmos.

There are stories that go with each of the above activities that I will write up in the next few days.  My heart is full from all of the ways God uses us if we are only willing.  I went to Africa, the last place I ever thought I would go, to serve our Lord.  Now my heart is attached to Inhambane, the disciples, the Harris family (Scott, Lisa, Gabe, Jaden and Mariah), and the wonderful ministry that we all can share.  Please continue to pray for their ministry and how we can help them bring more into the Kingdom.

Serving Together….

Diane Walker

Gas Prices and God’s Goodness

Elizabeth's Village

Who would think that Gas prices and God’s goodness would go together.  As I began preparing for this trip, I knew there was a lot of money to be raised.  As intimidating as this was I knew I had to step out and trust that God would provide.  As we watch gas prices climb like they haven’t in quite awhile, airfare have begun to climb also.  God’s Goodness – One week after I put all of my letters in the mail to begin my fund raising, I have already raised half the amount needed.  In the next 2 weeks we must purchase our airfare or risk that the rates will climb even higher.

As the rest of the funding needed begins to come in I have begun to plan and dream for this upcoming trip.  One thing I look forward to when I return is going to Elizabeth’s village and seeing how God is at work.  The first year our church missionaries from the Fellowship went to this village they were just learning about Jesus.  Most of the Tonga, (the people we minister to when we are there) know only about witchcraft or ancestor worship.  It is hard to imagine living in the U.S. that someone could not even have heard Jesus name.  As a community just learning about God, Elizabeth’s village did not know anything about singing to worship God.  They watched the group from the Fellowship but did not really engage. When we visited last year, the women and children of the village greeted us with dancing and praise songs created by themselves worshiping our mighty God.  This was quite a surprise and an amazing blessing.

To think that we, in a town called Katy are able to help impact lives across the world by sending regular everyday people to help share His goodness.

In spite of the Gas prices – God is raising the funding for our team – In June we will get to see all that God is doing in Elizabeth’s village and beyond.  Please keep us in prayer that God would move in our funding so that we can purchase our airfare tickets.  Thanks.

Katy ServeFest – Mozambique

I am the Executive Director of Compassion Katy. At Compassion Katy our goal is to help the body of Christ come together to meet needs in the Greater Katy area. We are currently ramping up for Katy ServeFest. This is an annual event where multiple churches and businesses come together to meet needs in our community while spreading His Good News. This year we have 14 church partners to help us complete our upcoming projects. Don’t we have an amazing God? Just when we think we have a handle on where things are going He shows up and makes it so much bigger than we could imagine. Our goal for church partner growth was much smaller for this year, but God had a better idea. We simply prayed that God would bring the churches together that He desires for these projects.

I mention this, because at the same time that we are getting ready for our biggest event yet, I am also working on my fundraising letter to go to Mozambique. I am uncomfortable in fundraising and yet I must. As I am preparing my letter I am touched at how many helped me last year and curious where it will go this year. Ultimately God is in control and simply desires our obedience. I would like to ask for prayer that God would bring the partners to join me as I step out to serve in Mozambique. By bringing many together we are able to impact Katy more than myself alone and by having partners to help me serve in Africa we will be able to impact the Tonga people and meet needs there. It is amazing what can be done when we work together with God’s help.

19 Weeks to Mozambique, Africa

I am starting on a journey I never would     have seen coming.  I am a mom of 6, with two grandchildren and I am married to a wonderful man.   I serve at the Fellowship at Cinco Ranch, Compassion Katy and now I will serve in Mozambique Africa.  I have never written a blog and do no know how this will unfold.  All I know is that God is working in Mozambique and I am needed to serve and help develop ministry.  I hope you will join me as I start this journey.  I went on my first trip in 2010 and have committed to going annually and helping share all that God is doing.  Please pray for our team and me as we prepare for our Mozambique 2011 trip.